1) You may be allowed to participate in Ignition Interlock, if eligible.
2) You will be able to continue driving, but with restrictions.
3) You will have to pay for any additional training or treatment.
4) You will have to pay for ignition interlocks to be installed on your vehicle.
5) You may be referred for additional evaluation, treatment, and ongoing monitoring of your driving.   

If you have been suspended or revoked for alcohol related offenses including refusal to test, you may request diversion into the Ignition Interlock program. 

You may also be placed in the ignition interlock program as a result of a judge referral into the program.

You may also be placed under the supervision of Driver Wellness and Safety because alcohol abuse and drug abuse are both considered medically reportable conditions. 

Being placed in the ignition interlock system will result in significant costs for the driver including:

  • the cost to install the system
  • the cost to monitor the system monthly
  • the need to install the system in every vehicle to which a driver has access
  • the cost to remove the system after the ignition interlock program has ended.

• When you accumulate 12 points, you will be sent a letter of revocation.
• You will be given 15 days to request a hearing and will have to pay court costs before you go.

Revocation terms can vary but minimums are:
> First revocation……..Ineligible for 6 months
> Second revocation….Ineligible for 12 months
> Third revocation…….Ineligible for 18 months
> Fourth revocation…..Ineligible for 24 months

• Credit towards completing your revocation does not begin until the  MDOT MVA receives your license.
• Before you get your license back, you will have to attend Driver Improvement and may also have to complete other educational or treatment programs.
• You will also have to take your knowledge and skills test at the MDOT MVA before getting a new license.