After you are convicted of a traffic offense in court or mail in the fine,  points will be added to your driving record.

If you receive several tickets at the same time, you will only:

  • receive the points for the most severe offense,
  • BUT…..all convictions will be on your record.

1) A driver does not get assigned points when given a citation, even in a DUI case. 

2) He/she will have the opportunity to go to court and to prove innocence or guilt.  After the court date, then points will be assigned.

3) If a driver mails in the fine and does not go to court, it is the same as pleading guilty to the offense, and the points will be placed on a driver’s record.

4) If a driver receives several citations at the same time, he/she will only be charged with the most serious offense. 

Please Note:

Unlike programs in other states, points cannot be removed from a driver’s records after completion of DIP class.  Points come off a driver’s record two years after conviction