Step 5 – Completion of programs review

  • You are now confirmed and responsible for attending your assessment.
  • You must pay for your $120 assessment fee before we can lock in your appointment.
  • If you pay for your assessment and do not show up there will be NO REFUND, and you will be charged an additional $50 if you want to schedule another appointment.
  • If you are assessed as a "Social Drinker" you can immediately begin one of our 12-hour AEP classes. (link of class schedule is at the bottom of this page)
  • If you have a court date while attending our program, our Office Manager or your counselor can supply a class attendance update for your lawyer to present to the Judge.
  • After completion of your 12-hour AEP class, your lawyer will be notified and you will receive a certificate.
  • Remember that our certificate is recognized by all MD courts and Maryland MVA
  • After that… You’ll be back on track!