Your Maryland Driving Record

Your Maryland Driving Record

What is my Maryland driving record?
What does my Maryland driving record mean?
Why is it important?

Your driving record is a list of everything you have done when driving:

  • Any convictions,
  • Any suspensions,
  • Any DUI/DWI related offenses including refusal to submit a sobriety test,
  • Any revocations, and
  • A list of all points you have accumulated through convictions.

A driving record continues a list of all a driver’s offenses.

There are two types of records:

  1. a public version that can be accessed by insurance companies, employers, and credit agencies. The public record goes back three years and is available for numerous private entities like employers and insurance companies to view.
  2. A full record which goes back since the driver actually began driving. Law enforcement, judges, and the MDOT MVA can see a driver’s full record .

Anything that is expunged will not be visible to any entity, public or private.

Please Note:

Alcohol charges may not ever be expunged from a driver’s record. Once the charges are more than three years, they will not be visible immediately to private entities; however, they will be visible if someone conducts a complete record search.