Dangerous Driving Behaviors

Driving aggressively:
- Tailgating other driver
- Ignoring pedestrian or cyclists right of ways
- Failing to pay attention to road markings or traffic control devices

Driving Impaired
- Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Driving Distracted
- Doing anything while driving that causes you as a driver to take your hands off the wheel/eyes off the road or mind off the driving task
- Driving drowsy (which is not necessarily illegal but can cause bad driving and lead to crashes)

- Many people speed.
- Speeding makes every crash worse.
- Over 150 people were killed in crashes in Maryland alone as a direct result of speeding.

How Long Does It Take Your Vehicle To Stop?

  • At 25 miles per hour: 27 ft to REACT -> 32 ft to STOP = 59 total ft
  • At 35 miles per hour: 38 ft to REACT -> 63 ft to STOP = 101 total ft
  • At 45 miles per hour: 50 ft to REACT -> 104 ft to STOP = 154 total ft

KEEP IN MIND: The times described above are in the best conditions.

Bad weather, road conditions, and traffic can all impact stopping distance.

The condition of the vehicle’s brakes and the size of a vehicle may also increase stopping distances.

Poorly paved roads can also extend stopping distance.