Section 2 Review

Section 2 Review

1.) What is aggressive driving?
Doing anything that makes other drivers or your passengers afraid or even uncomfortable.
Legally, any time a driver commits three moving violations at the same time.

2.) What are some examples of aggressive actions? Why are these actions dangerous and illegal?
Following too closely – may not give a driver enough room to adjust for speed or conditions and may led to a crash
Multiple lane changes – driver may not check mirrors or blind spots and may led to a crash
Speeding – driver may not be able to stop in time to avoid a collision
Running red lights – is illegal and may led to a crash when crossing oncoming traffic

Choose Not To Drive Distracted

Why is Texting(or Any Distraction) Dangerous?

  • To Drive Safely, You Must S.E.E.
  • Search (visual skill)
  • Evaluate (cognitive skill)
  • Execute (motor skills)
  • Driving requires you to use visual, thinking, and motor skills.

Cognitive skills:

core skills your brain uses to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Working together, they take incoming information and move it into the bank of knowledge you use every day at school, at work, and in life.

Visual skills:

> Ability to recognize the separate parts of objects including shape, direction, size, and color.
> Ability to separate an object from irrelevant background information
> Ability to recognize a complete object from fragmented information.
> Ability to retain information over a period of time.

Motor Skills:

the ability to perform complex muscle-and-nerve acts that produce movement; fine motor skills are small movements like writing and tying shoes, gross motor skills are large movements like walking and kicking

What Does This All Mean?

Any distraction can cause a driver to:

> Take their eyes off the road
> Take their mind off of driving
> Take their hands off the steering wheel

How Dangerous Is That Text?

  • How long does it take you to find your phone?
  • How long does it take you to unlock it?
  • How longs does it take you to read that text?
  • How long does it take you to text back?

So How Far Did You Travel Looking at your phone?

At 25 mph >>> 40 ft each second >>> for 7 seconds = 280 ft traveled
At 35 mph >>> 51 ft each second >>> for 7 seconds = 357 ft traveled
At 65 mph >>> 95 ft each second >>> for 7 seconds = 665 ft traveled

You drove the length of a football field…blind.

Choose To Be Safe: What Is Maryland Law?

Handheld Devices
Anything that makes it impossible for a driver to S.E.E. (Search Evaluate Execute) is a distraction and a danger.

According to Maryland law, an individual may not use a text messaging device to WRITE, SEND, OR READ a text message or electronic message while operating a motor vehicle in the travel portion of a roadway . (Transportation Act 21-1124.1)

1. A driver of a motor vehicle that is in motion may not use the driver’s hands to use a handheld telephone (cell phone) other than to initiate or terminate a wireless telephone call or to turn on or turn off the handheld telephone.

2. Primary offense which means that a driver may be stopped and cited if an officer observes them using a cell phone.

3. Illegal even with hands-free device for drivers under 18

Does the law apply to everyone
No. It does not apply to law enforcement and emergency personnel when those individuals are acting within the scope of their safety and emergency duties.

What does hands free mean?

A cell phone attached to a hands-free device such as a Bluetooth is acceptable.

Are any type of calls exempt under this law?
Yes. Calls to 9-1-1, a hospital, ambulance provider, fire department, law enforcement agency and first aid squad are all exempt for emergency situations only.

This law prohibits handheld cell phone use while driving, but can I use a hands-free device?

Yes. With some exceptions, using a hands-free device while driving is not in violationof this new law. However, by law both ears may not be covered by ear plugs, headset or earphones.

Are there any drivers who are not allowed to use a handheld cell phone even with ahands-free device while driving?

Yes. Any driver under the age of 18.
Anyone who has a learner’s instructional permit or a provisional driver’s license and is 18 years ofage or older.
The driver of a school bus that is carrying passengers and is in motion.
These types of drivers may only use a handheld cell phone while driving for an emergency situation.

Will there be a warning period?

No. It has been against the law to drive while using a handheld cell phone since 2010.
Officers will begin writing citations for this offense on October 1, 2013.
It is always up to an officer’s discretionas to whether a warning might be issued rather than a citation.
What is the penalty for the offense?

For the first offense the fine is $83.
For a second offense the fine is $140.
For the third and subsequent offenses the fine will be $160.
Three points will be assessed to your license if the offense contributes to an accident; otherwise no points are assessed for this offense.

Jake’s Law

Jake Owen was a five year old boy who was killed when a driver who was texting rear ended his parents’ car. The driver of the vehicle who killed Jake received a $1000 fine.

Distracted drivers who cause serious injury or death can:

- receive up to three years in jail
- and up to a $5,000 fine.