• When you accumulate 12 points, you will be sent a letter of revocation.
  • You will be given 15 days to request a hearing and will have to pay court costs before you go.

Revocation terms can vary but minimums are:

> First revocation........Ineligible for 6 months
> Second revocation....Ineligible for 12 months
> Third revocation.......Ineligible for 18 months
> Fourth revocation.....Ineligible for 24 months

  • Credit towards completing your revocation does not begin until the MDOT MVA receives your license.
  • Before you get your license back, you will have to attend Driver Improvement and may also have to complete other educational or treatment programs.
  • You will also have to take your knowledge and skills test at the MDOT MVA before getting a new license.