Choose To Be Safe: Obey Pavement Markings-Yellow Markings 

  • Single yellow line means the driver may not pass on either side of the road.
  • Double yellow lines means the driver may not pass on either side of the road.
  • Dashed yellow line means the driver may pass on either side of the road.
  • A yellow solid and dashed line together mean the driver on the side of the road with the dash may pass while the other side driver may not.

Chose to be Safe: Obey Pavement Markings- White Markings

  • Separates lines of traffic traveling in the same direction.  Crossing is not recommended but is allowed.
  • Indicates the right side of the road.

Aggressive Driving: Emotion Over Safety 

  1. Any strong emotion, such as excitement, stress, or anger, can cause you to lose concentration.
  2. Anger can also lead to aggressive driving.
  3. There are many drivers who display aggression and rudeness when driving.
  4. Some drivers take rudeness and aggressive driving to a level where it is illegal.

Aggressive Drivers: More Than A Safety Hazard

Committing three moving violations at the same time is the legal definition of aggressive driving.

The most common indicators of aggressive driving are:

  • tailgating
  • unsafe lane changing
  • speeding
  • running red lights.


If a driver is too close to the driver in front of him/her, he/she may not be able to stop or control his/her vehicle in case of a sudden stop or change in direction.

Unsafe Lane Changing:

May put you and other drivers at risk from a crash since you are not allowing enough room to pass adequately or not signaling before making a move.


Puts you and all the drivers at risk.  Speed increases the risk of a crash from 200 – 400%

Running red lights and stop lights:

Danger that a driver who runs a red light make cause a crash by hitting or being hit by another driver who is legally entering or exiting the intersection.  A driver may also not be paying attention as he/she is trying to get through the intersection and may hit a pedestrian or another road user.