MD Driving School Pre-Test

Maryland Driving School would like to welcome you to this MVA approved online Driver Improvement Program (DIP)


  • You have accumulated 5 points or more under the Maryland points system
  • or you have received a moving violation conviction while holding a provisional license
  • You may have been ordered to attend by the court system
  • If you have recently paid an old citation that caused points to be assessed, your referral could be because of a total of 5 or more points that were accrued several years ago
  • If you fail to complete this class, you will lose your driving PRIVILEGE temporarily, BUT if you don't change the way you are driving...


If you are online because you need a Driver Improvement Program, you have been referred by one of the following:

In some cases, judges assign individuals to this program when they appear for motor vehicle violations.

Persons who have appeared before an Administrative Law Judge for a hearing may be assigned because of several violations. Persons in this group are scheduled with the understanding that there may be a suspension of their driving privilege should they fail to complete this program.

Persons may be scheduled who have been suspended.

Many drivers who have been revoked are required to complete this class before their license is considered for reinstatement.

Objectives For Driver Improvement Program

  • Define points and laws pertaining to your driving record.
  • Describe unsafe or hazardous driving behaviors.
  • Define safe driving.
  • Evaluate your own driving habits to see how you can improve.
  • Choose to be safe, every time, every trip