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Driver Improvement Program FAQs
If I take the class on the last day of the month is this too late?

As long as you complete the class on or before your due date you will be fine. We notify MVA of your completion date.

If I take the class online and miss my scheduled test location what can I do?

If the test location schedule permits, you can log back in and change your test location date. The new date must also be before your deadline.

What if I can’t find my referral notice from MVA?

You can email a request for a duplicate at Or you can go to your local MVA office.

What’s the difference between the online course and the in person class?

Convenience and Cost. Either one will fulfill MVA’s requirement. If you take the course online you can go at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. You must still come in and take the 10-minute final exam. The cost of the online DIP is $50 and the in person DIP is $60.